Miravita is aware of the outbreak of respiratory illness caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) which first identified in Wuhan, China.  We are experiencing a higher demand globally for infection control products especially medical face masks and respirators.  China being one of the largest producers for these items is also facing the challenge of coming up with a sufficient amount of supply for domestic use and export.

Given this situation, we have been working hard with multiple manufacturers in China in order to allocate a limited amount of face masks and respirators for the export market, such as the US, and Europe.  As of now, we are able to supply:

  1. KN95 grade respirators
  2. N95 grade respirators
  3. Disposable face masks 3ply

Please note for most products and volume we only need 1 day lead time to confirm the order, and the merchandise will be air freighted directly from China.  If you’re looking for a larger quantity, it will take more time with the production due to the daily limits, but we will be able to inform you on exactly when you can expect the products to arrive.

Please contact us for more information at info@miravitafoods.com

Thank you.