Miravita Foods, LLC is an American food export company with staff in both the US and China.  We are a multicultural company specializing in trade and market development for American specialty foods in the Chinese consumer market.

China is the world’s second largest market for consumer goods, surpassing Japan and trailing only the United States.  It is also one of the most desirable markets for US products.  Our expertise and resources give us the advantage and ability to penetrate market barriers, open new doors and create new opportunities for quality US products in China.

China will remain an important and viable market for a wide range of US products and services for years to come.  Miravita Foods is a valuable export channel and trading partner for any American brands seeking to increase market share abroad.



Connection is key.  Unlike many US-based export companies, Miravita has a China team which is already based in Shanghai.  Our team members have over ten years of experience in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) field, participating in the rapid growth of trade and commerce in various consumer channels.  From importers to distributors to retail chains, we have the connections and resources in China to help US brands achieve their goals in the Chinese market.


We are already here — with teams in both countries, we possess a cross-cultural background and understanding of the way business functions in both China and the US.  We’re capable of providing localized support in either region for both our customers or suppliers.


Trade regulations, customs, and regional rules can be very confusing for inexperienced brands looking to expand their business abroad.  We are competently familiar with every step of the process, ensuring that there are no loose ends during any transaction.


Miravita’s trading model is to first purchase goods from you here in the US at the domestic level, and subsequently exporting the goods to China for sale and distribution.  Because we assume the responsibility of international export and sales, there is very little risk to you.    You won’t have to deal with any party other than us.


Miravita looks closely at important trends, explores customer behavior, collects and analyzes market data to better forecast and target market opportunities. The opportunities are there, and we will help you benefit from them.