What We Do

International Trading

We export and import, offering you the utmost original American products from US with quality and service satisfaction. We bring you by exporting our specialty brands of snacks and treats to agricultural commodities and fruits right from the source. Our long term logistic partner traveling between US and Asia always ensures your merchandise are safe and healthy.

Sourcing and Export

If you’re looking for a product to fit your current business and don’t know what or where to find, our team experts can always provide you with solutions to sourcing and logistics to better help you achieve your goals.  We stay connected to the best industry resources in the country.  READ MORE.

Market Development

To launch a new brand and penetrate through the challenge barriers in a new market, such as China, one needs to develop a smooth communication with the locals and understanding of its culture and competition. Our advantage is that Miravita’s China team is already here, with office in Shanghai run by experts who possess the strength and experience in launching new brands.  We have the ability of connecting two different markets together, we help to develop the market by selecting the most promising products as well as targeting the best quality channels.

Private Labeling

At Miravita, we offer private labeling service on certain categories to help our customers design their own products in order to better fit into the market.  From sizes to packaging to designs, we provide the full chain of service to fulfil the needs of your requirements.