About Us

The distinctive trait, characteristic, capacity or virtue of a product that sets it apart from all others…


Our Commitment to Quality


Miravita Foods, LLC, headquartered in the New York metropolitan area, is an American food company run by a team of ambitious individuals who are passionate about food and culture.  Our team is multicultural – with staff in both the US and China, our service truly does span the globe.  Leveraging our knowledge and expertise, we are committed to bringing to the Chinese consumer market the utmost in original American foods in a wide variety of categories such as snacks, pastries, dairy products, commodities, and fruit. We strive to elevate the profile and standard of American foods in China by bringing to Chinese consumers the best in American specialty foods.



Snacks and other specialty foods that are healthy, have character, and are truly American. We take great pride in our products, and each one goes through a thorough selection process to make it into our catalog.


US produce is in high demand in the worldwide commodity trade.  Known for its beneficial climate and soil, the US grows better raw ingredients, which in turn helps to make better products.


Miravita offers a selection of American grown seasonal fresh fruits, complying with high US standards of cultivation.